8 Channel Micro Serial Servo Controller Dimensions

Is there a dimensional chart of the Micro SSC? I want to solder it to the board with pins. I will measure it but a drawing would help with accuracy.


If you email us at support@pololu.com, I can get you a DXF file that includes the board’s dimensions and drill locations.

- Grant

Thank You Grant,

An email has been sent


Thanks for the dimensions. Being able to mount the board and the conections help reduce the jumper wires and makes a nicer looking circuit; a little more durable over time too:

I am glad that the file was helpful. If you don’t mind sharing, I am curious to know what your circuit is for.

- Grant

The servo controller is to control a heater in a custom car I built from scratch. It uses 8 servos to move the doors. It is being set up a little different then traditional systems. Fresh air and Re-circ is completely mixable as well as floor-vent. Defog is completely independent and controllable.

I started out with the Scott Edwards but I needed the ability to shut the servos off. There is no need for them to be driven except when there is a change. With 8 servos, if a servo begins to not function as well, humming, hunting, etc, shutting them off will go a long way toward making it not a problem.

I originally built the circuit around an Arduino but I began working with PIC’s and I am getting the bugs and details ironed out. The circuit is completely functional now. I have the box laser cut out of aluminum, I just need to finish it up.