6 channel Mini Controller with Micro PX-09 R/C servo

I have an old Micro PX-09 R/C servo ( about 30 years old ) I’m trying to make work with Pololu 6 channel mini Micro Maestro controller.

The controller is plugged into my USB port on my PC. Can I use the power on the controller to drive the servo ? Or does the servo absolutely have to run off an external power source ?

Can’t seem to get it working.


Hello, David.

I responded to your email, but will address the question here as well so that others may benefit.

This question is addressed on the product page under the FAQs tab. A USB port might only be capable of supplying 100 mA, which is less than what you need for a single servo; so you will need an external power source. I cannot be sure what the voltage rating or current draw of your servo will be, but generally, 4 to 5 AA or AAA NiMH batteries are a sufficient power source for most standard RC servos.