3pi library question

When i try to debug it
it shows “follow-segment.h” not found?

Hi shitizgoel,

The file “follow-segment.h” belongs to the 3pi-mazesolver example that is already provided for you - the source file you are attempting to run is meant to be a replacement for “maze-solver.c”.

If you are on a Windows machine, the missing files can be found in C:\libpololu-avr\examples\atmega328p\3pi-mazesolver. What I recommend is first copying this directory, and then replacing the “maze-solver.c” file with the one provided by moatasa. After doing so, you should be able to run the example without difficulties.

Also, if you have questions or need further clarification, feel free to start a new thread, rather than posting in one that is really meant for videos.


Sir where to place the libraries?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. You’ll need to ask more specific questions and describe your problem in detail.

If you’re trying to get the new maze solver code (provided by moatasa, above) working, you’ll need to replace contents of the original “maze-solver.c” file with the code a few posts above. The original should be located in the directory I mentioned. From there, simply open the project solution file (“3pi-mazesolver.atsln”), recompile, and then flash your 3pi with the resulting .hex file.


No sir i was asking about the codes provided on your site
tabletop projects
i was trying to program my bot with the grid code
nd it shows the error that “multigrid.h” not found
so how to fix this??


Tell you what…why don’t we discuss this over email instead? This way we’re not clogging up the 3pi video thread.

I’ve sent you an email regarding your query.



I split this off into its own thread. For reference, it was originally posted in after this post in the 3pi Robot Videos thread.

- Ben

Thanks, Ben!