3pi antenna switches!

Hi guys,
is it easy to route in some way the contact of the push buttons PB1, PB4 or PB5 in front of the pololu pcb?
I want to re-use them as contact switches in front of the robot.


I’m not sure what you mean by easy to route. It sounds like you want to effectively put some additional switches in parallel with the buttons, and you can do that by soldering on some thin wires (e.g. ribbon cable wires) to the button pins. The cleanest way to do it would probably be to solder the wires onto the top side (the switch leads are somewhat exposed there) and then route the wires around the battery holders and motors.

I’d like to see a picture if you get it working!

- Jan

Oky let’s go for the thin wires!

Ops I forgot to post the pictures of my progress!
I added two antenna like switches in the front glued together. I’m going to take pictures and upload.
Here we are:

The very first test:

That video certainly looks interesting, although it’s not entirely clear to me what’s going on. Could you tell us a little bit about it? I like how crisp and smooth the motions seem; it’s like it’s bouncing when it hits the wall.

- Ben

Hi sure.
It’s bio-inspired: the reflex behavior evoked by a pain sensation.
I’m also simulating the foraging behavior and associative learning.
I’m just running the last test then I will publish all the code and videos.
The code is very good to learn also FIR and IIR digital filters. :smiley:

Very cool, I look forward to hearing more about it!

- Ben

This is a better response obtained with 2 synapses and 2 motor neurons:

Thanks for the new video (I edited your post to embed it). I’m very interested to see the code. Is the goal that the robots learn how to behave in their environment?

- Ben

The circle in the middle is the “food”, they also learn how to search for it.
I’m doing some other videos on that. :smiley:
The next step is to use a communication layer so that they can cooperate,
I have the system working on simulations but I need to implement in the 3pi.
I was thinking some infrared modulation with a very low bitrate to communicate very simple phonems.

Some new videos:
Learning to associate food with energy

it’s nice when it got stuck poor little boy!
And try to learn that the grey area takes to the food