3pi and m3pi Robots to bring a beer at a whistle

Hi All,

I am a student of computer engineering. I have a task of making a robot that brings a beer/coke at my .

I would like to use the 3pi and m3pi Robots.

The question is if somebody knows if I can tell the robot to go to the place where the sound was heard? is there a code for that?

I assume that i need a microphone, hear and analyze the whistle, then, if correct, “tell” the robot where to drive. (the beer will be on top of the robot already).

How can I do it?

Please help,




Sounds like a pretty hard project. Unless you can have the location where it needs to drive repeatedly making noise, you will probably need more than one microphone so you can figure out what direction the sound is coming from. Also, if your beer holder is on top of the m3pi it will already be pretty high off the ground. I’d be worried about it tipping over.

You might find this application of the 3pi interesting and somewhat relevant: waiterobot.com/index.html

- Ryan


I second Ryan’s assessment that what you are trying to do sounds exceptionally difficult, and from your questions, I do not think you have the experience to pull something of this complexity off. I strongly suggest you consider a less “cool” but more practical way to get the robot to find your location, such as laying out a line for it to follow to get the beer to you (there are code examples for how to do this, and you can use the robot’s built-in sensors). You could also consider using something like our IR beacons to allow the robot to find you (one would be mounted on the 3pi somewhere, though it might be pretty crowded with a beer can on there, and you would hold the other one, using it just as an IR emitter). You could still conceivably use a microphone to detect a whistle as your command that the robot should come find you, but I think using the sound for locating purposes is overly ambitious.

Good luck with your project. Please let us know how it turns out.

- Ben