3 IR Beacon Transceivers,1 Beacon, 2 Receivers, possible?

I have a project that requires the use of the IR Beacon Transceiver Pair Kit. The project is an autnomous robot that will follow an object that has the IR Beacon. Unfortunately, we came to a conclusion that the 4 IR sensors on one Transceiver limits the robot from accurately following the object since one IR sensor determines the shortest direction of the object, in this case only 4 possible directions. We want to know if there is any way that we can configure our Transceiver Pair to include a ‘third’ IR Beacon Transceiver that would function only as a receiver. That way, two IR Beacons Transceivers would receive a signal from one IR Beacon held by the object being followed. In addition, 8 IR sensors would be used instead of 4 to more accurately determine the shortest direction of the object being followed. We are a bit worried that the ‘third’ transceiver might interrupt the original IR Beacon Pairs, thus asking if there was a way to disable the emitters from the ‘third’ transceiver and function only as a IR receiver. Hope this makes sense. Thank you.


Before I address your question, I wanted to point out that it is possible to determine the direction from one beacon to another to within a few degrees by rotating until you see the direction indicator transition from one to the next. Does this make sense?

- Ben

Thank you Ben. I totally understand that we can reposition our IR sensors to distinguish one direction from another within a few degrees. In fact, that is what we did with our current project setup. We have the Pololu Transceiver Pair to allow our robotic car to turn in 4 different directions when going forward thanks to the 4 IR sensors placed. If we imaging an X-Y plane with 90 degrees (straight), 0 degrees (full right turn), and 180 degrees (full left turn), our sensors are placed and rotated to allow our car to recognize direction at 120, 150, 60, and 30 degrees. But with only 4 sensors per transceiver to distinguish one direction at a time, it limits the car into going at only 4 directions. So we came up with the theory of getting a ‘third’ transceiver, one that will act only as an IR receiver and will provide an additional 4 IR sensors so that we can allow the car to steer at 0, 90, and 180 degrees. Since each beacon transceiver has IR receivers and IR emitters, the ‘third’ transceiver might cause problems to the two other transceivers. Thus leading to the question as to whether it was possible in any way to allow a ‘third’ transceiver that can function only as an IR receiver by disabling its IR emitter so it wont interfere with the original tranceiver pair? Thanks again.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t disable the IR emitters on two of the units and use them both as pure receivers. Note that you will only be able to have a single beacon transmitting in your setup or else the third receiver will see signals from both other transmitters, and the results from it will not be useful.

- Ben