3 Axis Accelermoter Solder Fault

I just opened the packet of my 3-Axis aceloremeter the MMA7260QT. I tested the module (with Multi Meter) and found only 2 of the 3 axis worked. I discovered that when I clamp the IC onto the circuit board the 3rd axis now works. To me this means there is definately a soldering problem with the IC onto the board, maybe a dry joint. This board is mechanically faulty. The only reason I bought this baord was to get out of having to solder this IC onto something :slight_smile:

Any one else had this problem ?



Iā€™m sorry to hear that you received an improperly soldered board. Situations like this arise through the normal course of manufacturing, but virtually all of them are caught during inspection and testing. Every board goes through visual inspection, rework if necessary, and final testing before shipping. Solder joints that look good under inspection and only cause intermittent problems can slip through the cracks, but such a thing is very rare. Sometimes fixing these problems can be as simple as running a bead of solder along the IC pads with the tip of a soldering iron (you should be able to find the faulty pin using the datasheet).

- Ben