2s9v1 with basic stamp

I recently purchased a 2s9v1 and was wondering if this product is compatable with basic stamp. If so what would the programming look like. Also how do you assign the 2s9v1 with the Is number. I am new to this and didn’t really understand the manual. I am also learning picaxe and it would be nice to know how to program it in picaxe as well


The qik uses a TTL serial command protocol that is described starting in section 4 of the qik user’s guide. I believe that both the picaxe and the basic stamp have support for serial. Try searching for “basic stamp serial example code.” Then, replace what is sent with the commands described in the user’s guide. If you have questions about your code, you can post it here in [code] tags. If there is something specific about the user’s guide that you do not understand, please let us know so we can try to make it more clear.

Sorry, but I am not familiar with what an “ls number” is. What is it?

- Ryan

Sorry. I meant ID number, I posted it with my phone and it has the auto correct.

To set the device ID of the qik, you send a “Set Configuration Parameter” command described in section 5.c of the user’s guide. You don’t need to worry about that at first, you can just use the default device ID of 9.

- Ryan