2s9v1 Controller help with Arduino

Hello Everyone

Recently I purchased few items from Sparksfun for making a Arduino based Car.

Components Used:
Qik Dual Serial Motor Controller
Micro Metal Gearmotor 100:1
Arduino Uno SMD

I used the new library as mentioned in the post Re: Arduino 1.0 library for the 2s9v1 ?. I am not able to make this controller work.

Connection Details

#define rxPin 2
#define txPin 3
#define rstPin 4

The controller works fine in Demo mode, but I know it is not enough. I am using a mac and my Arduino board is connected using USB. For the motors I have connected 4 batteries to GND,VMOT.

Can you please guide me with a sample connection diagram and code. Any help greatly appreciated.

InteractiveMotorControl.ino.zip (931 Bytes)

I resolved the issue. I was using incorrect baud rate. I fixed the code by changing






I’m happy you figured out the problem. Thank you for letting us know what it was.

- Ben