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2DOF to 3Dof Seat Mover Moxley's Way


Yes i have measured the A/B motor posts while asking the motor to move, NO voltage changes, Unlike my other jrk which i tested and seen the voltage change as i moved the motor up and down…so as your thinking the Driver IC is most likely damaged, I will call you to discuss where we go from here, the Unit is removed from my rig and its a somewhat pain to get it all out and re connected, I have a spare installed that is working flawlessly for a solid hour or 2 after the incident (which further cements my thinking its the JRK and Not my setup)


Thank you for the trying those tests. We spoke on the phone about this, but for everyone else on the forum, we suspect that the driver might have been damaged when readjusting some of the settings (such as the max acceleration) for the new software update.