29:1 37Dx52L motors safe max payload?

I’m building a new bot, looking at a pair of 29:1 37Dx52L motors with encoders for the drives. Full payload with computer, battery, sensors and actuators should be under 25 lbs, definitely no more than 30. Will these motors be suitable for that kind of payload?

regards, Richard

I’m doing the same thing with four 19:1 37D, and it seems to work for me. Yours have more torque, but you only use two, but I think it should work. They’re reasonably powerful.

Also, it depends a bit on your transmission, tires, and ground. The cool thing with torque on a perfectly level perfectly flat plane is that any amount of torque will get your payload rolling in the end.
The less perfect your transmission, tires, and ground are, the more torque you will need to overcome those resistances.

If you’re trying to do a battle bot, you may want to step up to electric wheelchair type motors, but then you also have to step up to pretty beefy power controllers and the rest…

Hi, Richard.

For comparison the Wild Thumper uses these motors and its maximum recommended payload is 11lbs, so those motors might be a little underpowered. However, it’s hard to say without trying it.


I think the Dago also comes with 34:1 motors, right? And it does “tank” style steering, which takes a lot of torque, at least on very sticky surfaces.
That’s another good point, btw: I’m using “car style” steering, so I don’t have to power the wheels sliding sideways. I’m assuming the original poster will do that, too. If he’s using “tank” steering instead, the power requirements will be different.