24v23 not shutting down on error line high


On a robot I am working on, I connected the error lines of the 24v23 to the error line of the JRK21v3 (including connecting the grounds to the same reference) so that if a module had an issue, such as steering failing on the JRK or the PWM e-stop on the remote being hit, the robot would shut down on all motor devices instead of plowing into a wall (not good when using a 150lb robot frame traveling at 10Mph). Anyway, when I trigger an error on the JRK (pulling the feedback wires, JRK does shut down), the 24v23 will have its error light come on and the software will announce that the motor is disabled due to an error, but when I push the control stick on the R/C remote forward, the motor will start up and keep working even though the steering is now disabled. I should also mention that I have a remote kill switch on the remote using the landing gear switch which WILL shut down the motor controller, and the JRK due to the error line going high. The question is, why is the 24v23 not shutting down even though the error line has lit its LED, the software connected to the 24v23 says it should be shut down in bright red text, and the other controller is now offline? Once again, if I hit the kill switch on the remote that is directly connected to the 24v23, then it will shut down, but not when another controller is sending it an error signal.


I’m sorry you are having trouble with the Simple High-Power Motor Controller 24v23.

Could you save a settings file for the controller (from the File menu) and post it here? Also, could you get the system into this bad state again where it is driving a motor when it shouldn’t, and post a screenshot of of the Simple Motor Control Center’s status tab here?



Actually, I found out two things. 1) When I hit the kill switch on the 24v23, it shuts down, and the JRK shows the error light, but the JRK did not shut down. It appears as if both devices ignore other devices error lines. 2) I activated, and then deactivated the “Ignore Err line” on the 24v23 and it shut down properly…once. After a reset, it was back to ignoring the error line again. Attached is the JRK and 24v23 config file, as well as the message in the config software for the motor controller when the JRK was throwing an error signal on to the line. It says it should be shut down, but its not.
smc_settings.txt (2.98 KB)
jrk_settings.txt (1.4 KB)

Thank you for all the information.

That’s the expected behavior. The jrk does not read its ERR line as an input; that is only a feature of the Simple Motor Controllers. The red LED on the jrk might be on, but it is only on because you connected it to an output that is driving high; the jrk itself is not driving the line high. If you looked in the jrk configuration utility I would expect there to be no errors, unless there was already one before.

The “Ignore ERR line high” check box in the Simple Motor Control Center should definitely be unchecked; let me know if it isn’t.

The screenshot you sent looks fine; the “Current Speed” and “Target Speed” are both 0.00% so the Simple Motor Controller thinks that it’s not powering the motor. Could you just double check that the motor that is moving when it shouldn’t is actually connected to the Simple Motor Controller and not connected to something else? Could you describe how it is connected?


OK then, as long as the robot stops moving forward in case of a failure, that works.

The robot was not moving at the time due to my laptop being balanced on top of it. The motor connects directly to the motor controller, and then to the 24v supply. Even with that screen displayed, if I started the robot, it would still say the same red text at the bottom, but the robot would be moving. Also, that checkbox is unchecked. I checked it, saved the config, then unchecked it and saved the config again. That caused the motor driver to respond properly, for 1 cycle at least, but then it went back to not shutting off.

A picture of the configuration is below. I do not have the ERR jumpers installed at the point when I took the picture.

I’m not sure what you mean by “The motor connects directly to the motor controller, and then to the 24v supply.” The motor should have two leads. Did you connect one of them to the SMC’s OUTA and the other to OUTB? Are the motor leads connected to anything else?

Could you try simplifying your system a bit? I think you should try connecting the SMC’s ERR pin to the 3V3 pin instead of connecting it to the jrk. The motor should not be allowed to move at all when this connection is made, and this will effectively take the jrk out of the picture.


The motor goes to the A and B output, and the 24V line goes to the power and ground connections. All using the 4 large wire holes in the PCB (you can see the wires in the picture). Also, do you mean 3.3V pin? I will try this tomorrow when I am back on campus in our lab.

Yes, I mean the pin that provides 3.3 V and is labeled 3V3 on the bottom of the board.