24v12 Outputting Led lights

Hi,i hav a 24v12 simple motor controller,and i need to output the Error and status lights to external case led,
please help me,thanks

Hello, Mathan.

You can get the state of the red error LED using the ERR pin, which is described in the “Connecting a Serial Device” section of the Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide. There are two schematics there that show how the ERR pin behaves in the error and non-error state. Since there is a 220 Ohm resistor on that output, you should be able to just connect your external error LED directly between the ERR pin and GND.

Accessing the state of the yellow status LED is harder. You can do this if you solder a small wire to the hole indicated in this picture:

In the past I have extracted a strand of copper from a multi-stranded wire, stuck it in the hole, and soldered it. That line is connected to the anode of the yellow LED and will be driving high when the yellow LED is on. You can connect it to an appropriate resistor and then connect an external LED between the other end of the resistor and GND.