24-Ch Servo ONLY Work with connect Reset Pin to DC Power

Dear Sir

Our Micro Maestro suddenly stopped working.We tried to test it today and NO LEDs are lighting up. Also the Maestro Control Sensor does not see the Maestro.We also tried connecting the Maestro to other laptops (that don’t have any Maestro drivers installed) but even then, no LEDs come on.

But when I tried connected the Reset pin to 5V dc, I work again. But when I disconnected the DC 5V, It become stop again.

What can I do?


Hello, Alex.

I am sorry you are having trouble with your Maestro. I suspect that either the reset line is getting held low by something, or that the connection to USB power is faulty and when you apply 5V to the reset line you are really powering the whole microcontroller through that pin.

Do you remember what you were doing just before this problem started?

What is connected to the Maestro, and how is it connected? Is the blue shorting block (jumper) installed?

If you haven’t already, could you please try disconnecting everything and just plugging the board into USB?


hi, David

My Maestro was connected to an DIY LED with IC DD311 (control the LED ON/OFF and power)

Do you remember what you were doing just before this problem started?
I just short the Reset Pin to the DC 5V, and hope to reset it.
It was running very good before, but one day i need to chance the control program by using USB.
After I chance the program, it was not work and still running the old program.
I try the reset it by PC, But it was failed. So I try to use the reset pin to reset it.
But after I do this, it JUST Work with connect Reset Pin to DC Power

How was the Maestro connected to the DD311 IC? Was anything else connected? A schematic and a picture of your setup might help us tell what went wrong. When you applied 5V to the reset pin, how did you do it?

By the way, applying 5V to the RST pin shouldn’t normally do anything. If you want to reset the Maestro’s configuration options and erase the script on it, use the menu option in the Maestro Control Center. If you want to restart the Maestro, drive the RST pin low or power cycle it.