21v3 with Linear Actuator, 4" stroke with Feedback

…got my 21v3 plugged to a DC adapter 12V-2A and connected the Linear actuator (Pololu products ofcourse :wink: ).
the configuration utility for the JRK gave a “Max.Current exceeded” error although the specs sheet indicates a 4A load capacity for the linear actuator and 3A (5A max) for the JRK.
What’s this msg about? Anyone :frowning:

on a side note, Yellow is the RX and both white & blue are the reference wires, correct?
…really appreciate the help!


I deleted your duplicate post.

It sounds like you have the jrk configured with some maximum current - is that right? The max current option is described here and error options are described in the User’s Guide here. We expect the stall current for these actuators to be around 10A, so you might get some pretty high spikes when starting out - though in our tests they did work fine with the jrk 21v3.

As for the wire colors, there is a schematic showing the potentiometer linked from the Linear actuator resources page. Blue is the tap, which should go to FB on the jrk. Yellow should connect to AUX, white to GND, and the “detect disconnect with AUX” option should be enabled.