21v3 input voltage with LACT4P-12V-5 Linear Actuator

can i feed the 21v3 board 24volts DC if i’m controlling a LACT4P-12V-5 Linear Actuator, or do I need to supply 12 volts to the VIN on the 21v3?


You can use the jrk at 24V, but to supply the appropriate voltage to the linear actuator you should set the maximum duty cycle to 300 (50%), so that the average voltage stays below 12V.

Please note that a fully charged 24V battery can reach voltages close to the maximum input voltage for this device. Please take care to ensure that the voltage supplied to VIN is safely below 28V.

so i can feed it 24 volts, but it would be better to feed it 12v?

can i leave the duty cycle at 100% if i feed 12 volts?


It would be safer for your jrk if you supply it with 12V, and, yes, you can keep the duty cycle at 600 (100%) if you supply 12V.