2 Mini-Maestro 24's; one isn't visible to Windows

I have two Mini-Maestro 24 boards which I purchased together. The first one seems to work fine; when I plug it in Windows 7 recognizes it and I see two COM ports appear in the device manager:

I also see the Pololu USB Devices entry. When I load the Maestro Command Center it sees the device just fine and I can control my servos.

When I connect the other Mini-Maestro however (disconnecting the first board - I’m not trying to have two boards at once) it isn’t recognized. In Device Manager I only see this:

There is no “Pololu USB Devices” entry in the Device Manager when this board is plugged in. The green status light on the board blinks on a regular interval.

And, the Maestro Command Center doesn’t see anything.

What do I need to do to get this second board working?


Hello, nhodapp.

I’m sorry you are having trouble with the Maestro. It looks like the bootloader is working, so please email us directly so I can send you a firmware file to load onto your Maestro.