2 market-focused stpper motor controllers

Dear friends concern step motor controllers developments at home and abroad, we are professional supplier of the stepping motor driver. Most of the products’ brand are TOSHIBA,SANYO,HHBY ect which have good quality and reputation in the world. Recently we have key launched 2 market-focused products THB60640AH and THB6128 which are very popular worldwide for its high performance and reasonable price.

Stepper motor driver ic THB6128 SANYO semiconductor active ic
1,Dual full bridge MOSFET Drive, Ron=0.55 Ω; 2,Withstand voltage:40VDC; 3,Current:2.2A
4,Multiple subdivision are selectable; 5,Automatic half flow lock function; 6,Attenuation way:quick,slow,hybrid
7,Internal temperature and over currrent protection; 8,Craftsmanship:Semiconductor integrated ; 9,Conduction type:bipolar
10,Operating temperature:-20 to 85 °C; 11,Weight:0.6g; 12,Packaging:MFP30KR

Motor controller THB6064AH semiconductor active ic PWM chopper-type sinusoidal micro-step
1,Low conductivity resistance Ron=0.4 Ω; 2,High withstand voltage:VDC 50V; 3,Large current:4.5A(peak)
4,64 subdivision; 5,Automatic half flow lock; 6,Processing signal:digital signal
7,Marketing way:direct sales; 8,Sample nature:Hot sales; 9,integration degree:massive
10,Operating temperature:-40 to 85 °C; 11,Weight:9.86g; 12,Packaging:HZIP25-P-1.27

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