18v7 with a servo control card


I am using the Simple Motor Controller 18v7 (assembled) and instead of going to a receiver, I am going to a ServoCenter 4.1 controller card (USB-Servo controller card). I believe Pololu sells similar devices. The one I have I have used for a year with great luck controlling servos via my Visual Basic 2010 applications.

I’m not sure exactly how to configure this controller to work like this.

Any clarification would be appreciated!


Hello, Paul.

If you just set the controller’s Input Mode to “RC” and set Mixing Mode to “None”, that will probably do most of what you want.

If you want to rescale the RC input (e.g. to make the motor not move when the input is in the neutral position), I recommend using the Quick Input Setup Wizard which you can get by clicking the “Quick Input Setup…” button in the Input Settings tab.

In your case, the ServoCenter should perform the same function that an RC receiver would, so you should read the “Connecting and RC Receiver” section in the Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide. Also, there is more information about how to configure the inputs in the “Input Settings” section.


That’s a good point…using the Servo Center control panel, I could initiate the max back, max forward positions.

I’ll just have to use two USB cables to do it, once for the 18v7 and one to the ServoCenter.

Tricky, but do-able.

I’d just like to add that you could control the Simple Motor Controller directly from USB. In the Pololu USB SDK we provide example code for Visual Basic. It was built with Visual Studio 2008 but the auto-upgrade wizard should work and allow you to control the Simple Motor Controller using its USB interface directly from your computer.