18v7 Fully Assembled unit failed on first power on

I bought three Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7 (Fully Assembled) from a retailer and one of them has failed. It lit up briefly and immediately shut down. I tried it an hour later, hoping the Gods of Electrons would be appeased and try again. Nothing. The other two work just fine.

These are Pololu item #: 1372, fully assembled.

I can’t think of anything else to try and RobotShop said I needed to check here first before a replacement could be furnished.



Hello, Paul.

I’m sorry you are having trouble with the Simple Motor Controller 18v7. For the controller that failed, could you describe everything that did to it since you got it? In particular, what did you connect to it and what did you do just before it failed? How were you powering it?


12v 7A battery (SLA) Positive into Vin, Negative into GROUND.

Motor leads into the appropriate leads, was plugging in the USB cable to the connector and away she went.

Other two powered fine and was able to program the controller fine.

Thanks for the description. It doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong.

It sounds like your controller is broken, but just to be sure, could you try disconnecting everything from it and then connecting it to USB? Do the LEDs light up? Does the computer recognize the device in any way?


Connected via USB, I do not get anything either. :frowning:

Ok. Could you please email us directly, referring to this thread and including order information for your Robotshop order? --David

Email sent with reference to this thread and screen shots of the purchase information.

Thank you

Hoping for an update so I can get this replaced soon :slight_smile:

I received my replacement today and I do not know if this is an oversight or not.

I grumbled a little when I had to pay shipping for a dead part.

I grumbled a bit more when I was sent 1373, which is the kit version of the 1372.

I mean, I can solder and all but given the hassle factor so far, this adds to the frustration.

Just wanted to let you know.


Hello. I’m sorry for the mistake in the coupon and the extra hassle. I wish you had let me know before placing the order. --David

I didn’t notice it until the part arrived.

I haven’t had any luck using signals sent from the ServoCenter card to the controller to make the linear actuator move. I had a Syren 10 arrive today and that worked. With your controller being significantly less expensive, I was hoping to make it work.

Did you try using the Quick Input Setup Wizard? What went wrong?


I did do that, I set the slide to the middle in the control panel software for the ServoCenter and went into the SMC software and did the Quick Input Setup. Slide all the way to right (higher #) when promoted for full forward and all the way to left for full back.

Back in my ServoCenter software, I set the trigger points for the extend and retract of the actuator. Launch my software project, feed the trigger points and it doesnt extend/retract. Remove 18v7, plug in Syren controller…open the control panel software, set trigger points and open project…feed in the trigger points and the device extends/retracts on demand.

Here’s what I am using http://www.dimensionengineering.com/SyRen10.htm I thought the spec sheet on the 18v7 was pretty similar?

If you want to figure out what’s wrong with the 18v7, could you post your settings file here, and also a screenshot of the Status tab at a time when you think the motor should be moving but is not?

I have a hunch that you never moved the servo output to the neutral position, so a Safe Start violation is preventing the motor from moving. The safe start feature can be disabled in the “Advanced Settings” tab.


When I get home from work, I’ll see what that toggle does!