18v25 Heatsink

  1. Please clarify the proper way to heatsink the 18v25CS.

  2. For the 18v25CS, which of the fault states are valid.
    (In other words, which fault conditions are being monitored?)

Thank you- John

Hello, John.

There is no “the” proper way to mount a heat sink on that product. There are a variety of products for that, such as thermal adhesive. The best solution will depend on the rest of your installation, but in general, the point is to draw heat away from the H-bridge MOSFETs.

The fault states are documented near the bottom of the product page:


All of the fault conditions listed apply to this motor driver.

- Ben

Thanks for the info.

The following sentence from the product page is why I was confused:

“and performance can be improved by adding heat sinks or otherwise cooling the board. The driver’s printed circuit board is designed to draw heat out of the MOSFETs, but performance can be improved by adding a heat sink. With a proper heat sink, …”

I just couldn’t figure out how to do that.

Best regards-