18v15 powerful enough to drive Thumper 4WD?

Hi all,

I just purchased a Thumper 4WD and 2x 18v15 SMCs.

When reading the user manual, I realized that looks like I need to put 2 motors on the same side onto the same SMC, however the 4WD’s description states that motor controller needs to be able to deliver 14A per channel due to the potential 2x stall current. So I’m wondering does that mean the 18v15 is not powerful enough, or if I program the startup/stop sequence with some curving and I shall be fine?



You should be able to comfortably control all four chassis motors with two SMC 18v15s. Each controller can deliver a continuous 15 A, which is already higher than the 14 A combined stall torque of the two motors you’ll have connected to it (each motor has a stall torque of around 7 A).

- Ben

Cool thanks! will try it out.