18v15 Maximum Surge Current

I have an 18v15 controller that I have fused at 15A. I can accelerate the motor slowly and be ok with 15A. However, if I accelerate quickly the fuse blows. I am wondering what the maximum surge current for this controller is. I can increase my fuse to a safe surge limit to handle the surge and still stay below the continuous rating once running speed has been achieved. Thanks.

I believe I have this problem resolved by adjusting the acceleration settings on the controller. I am using the controller for a power wheels conversion to a UGV. The acceleration issue is only when I have a passenger in the car (approx 50lbs).

It would still be great to know what the maximum surge current is for this controller.

Hello, afee.

A 20-30A fuse should be good for protecting your controller from surges or short circuits, but then you’ll lose some protection because if your motor stalls and draws more than 15 A for a long period of time the board would overheat. However, the Simple Motor Controller has an over-temperature shut down feature that should protect against that.