16 servo controller kit - read in values?

Hi guys,

First just let me say Im new here but it looks like theres a great community for pololu products and I look forward to getting more involved!

I have a 16 servo controller kit that works like a dream. My question is that is there anyway of reading values of the servos attached and sending it back to the computer using rs-232 (the DB9 port)

Any comments/help/advice would be greatly appreciated!


In general, you cannot read back the position from a servo since the communication only works one way: from the servo controller (or RC receiver) to the servo. In the case of our 16 servo controller, that unit also communicates in only one direction (PC to servo controller), so you really can’t read anything back. With something like our newer Micro Maestro 6-channel USB servo controller, you can use some of the channels as analog inputs, so you could get some other feedback from your system (or potentially hack into your servo potentiometer).

- Jan