12 step up/down voltage regulator

Just wondering what these voltage regulators can handle. They say 200ma or more. I have a VTX that uses 220ma and a camera that uses 80ma.


It sounds like you are talking about our S10V2F12 step-up/step-down regulator. Like it says on its product page:

The plot at the bottom of that regulator’s page shows about how much current you can expect the regulator to handle at different input voltages. It looks like since your system nominally needs about 300mA, you would be pushing the limits of this regulator, regardless of what your input voltage is. If you tell me what voltage you are using as an input, I might be able to recommend a more appropriate regulator.

Also, in an email you also sent to us about the same question, you asked about paralleling the output of two of those regulators together. Please see this post, which explains why that is not a good idea.


Ok what if I separate each device with only 1 regulator on each unit. I would then only have to worry about the VTX. It uses 220ma so would this regulator handle that much power? Input voltage is 4s battery at 14.6 volts when fully charged.

Not sure why you don’t offer a similar regulator with 500 or 600 or even 1A of output power?


With a 14V input I would expect that regulator to be able to handle close to 300mA continuously in a room temperature open air condition. If your setup does not cause the regulator to run hotter than normal (e.g. by enclosing it in a small space or having it close to other hot electronics), it would probably be fine to run your VTX.

“Not sure why you don’t offer a similar regulator with 500 or 600 or even 1A of output power?”

As you have noticed, our next more powerful 12V step-up/step-down regulator is rated for 2A, so if you are worried about the heat or want to combine your loads, that is the best option. We are always striving to expand our regulator selection, but we haven’t found a good solution for a regulator to fill that gap.


The 2A is way too big. You probably sell lots of the 200ma 12v regulators to people who are in the RC hobby.

We need a regulator that is close to the same form factor as the 200ma and about 0.5 to 1.0 grams in weight but rated for 600mah to 1A would be perfect.

If you made this regulator you would definitely sell more than the 200ma regulator. It’s really needed. Just like your 5V 600ma to 1A regulators.