12-channel board but only 11 channels working


I have a Maestro 12-channel servo board but only 11 channels working… the channel 10 has Power but no signal i think.

How can i reset this channel? Firmware is 1.03… New Bootloader?

Kind regards Ramon


I am sorry there is an issue with one of the channels on your Maestro. I do not expect that updating the Maestro’s firmware would fix your issue, especially if that channel was working before (and it sounds like this could be the case from your description of the issue). Can you confirm that channel 10 was working before as an input? If so, what was connected to that channel and what was the Maestro set up to do with that channel?

Also, can you post your Maestro settings file? You can generate this by clicking File > Save settings file… within the Maestro Control Center.


Hi Jonathan

Thank you for your answer. According to the setting file, the channel 1 not 10 is not working. There was never an input configured. channel 1 has no response to the servo. he never worked. Can I reset the them?

maestro_settings_overhead_servo.txt (2.6 KB)

Kind Regards Ramon

It sounds like you are trying to generate servo signals to control a servo from channel 1, but the servo is not responding. From your picture, it looks like you do not have that channel enabled. Can you check the checkbox under the Enabled column of the Status tab for channel 1 and then try sliding the cursor that appears left and right to try to move that servo? If you are still having issues, can you send a link to the datasheet or product page for that servo connected to channel 1? Can you also tell me how you are supplying power? Additionally, it would help if you send pictures or a link to a video that shows your setup and connections.


Hi Jon

Thanks for your Help

When i enable the channel 1, the Servo don’t move…Power 5 Volt, but no signal.

The Power 5 Volt comes from a PoKeys 57U Card how is connected to a USB HUB with 5 Volt…

Link to PoKeys 57U:

Link to Servo:

I hope this helps…

Kind Regards


If you disconnect all other servos and peripherals from your Maestro and try controlling that servo again, does it work? If not, can you confirm that your servo is working by plugging it into a different, working Maestro channel?


Hi Jon

I have all servos disconnected and this channel 1 is not working with this servo. the servo works on all other channel.

what can i do? is this channel destroyed?

Kind Regards


It does sound like channel 1 is broken in a way that it is not able to produce a servo signal. If you set channel 1’s Mode to Input, does it perform like other channels designated as inputs? If so, you might consider designating this channel as one of your ENG Starter inputs.

If that workaround will not work for you, or if channel 1 cannot even work as an input, can you email your salesorder information and reference this post?