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Video Teaser, Seattle Robothon Pics (2)
Video tutorial: controlling a Hexapod with the DynamixShield (1)
DynamixShield Kickstarter: Dynamixel Servos + Grove Sensors (1)
Project to Raise and Lower my work Desk! (9)
RC Tank Gun Movement (3)
Skull tracking skeleton (2)
Small BLE controlled Car (2)
Minisumo Robot (3)
Balancing Robot (7)
Precise (+-2cm) indoor navigation system for robots (14)
Zumo projects: IR control, Nokia LCD, Proximity, RC control (2)
Maestro 6 channel (3)
Large 4 Digit VFD RTC Clock (2)
Mobile Tower Of Hanoi Robot (3)
Turning target system (3)
Arduino Uno Robot with Pololu Geared Motors (2)
Tabletop Robotics Update (2)
RadioShack flashlight Robot (4)
Laser cut by Pololu #2 (8)
Small Robots with Sub Micro Plastic Planetary Gear Motor (5)
1/3 scale:))) (2)
SumoBot competition (2)
LSM303D / A-Star 32U4 NMEA 0183 Compass (2)
Pololu Wixel with SD Card as USB Mass Storage Device (6)
Line following Robot using ARM Cortex M4 Processor (3)
LED Pod Strobe Flasher (3)
Zumo + LeapMotion + Johnny Five (2)
Star Tracking Camera Mount - AKA Barn Door Tracking Mount (2)
Fortune Teller - Maestro, RC Switch, Arduino, Coin Acceptor (2)
Custom Car Heater (3)